My name is Alo-Rainer Leheste and I’m writing on the behalf of the EHF. I’m working as a neurologist in Estonia but one of my jobs is also being the EHF social media manager. The EHF currently has social media sites on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The main purpose of these sites is to share relevant headache-related research/news and info about upcoming events.
Main reasons why I’m writing this letter:
Could you please share this information within your organization so interested individuals within national societies can find and follow us on social media platforms?

The EHF can be found on:
TWITTER – @EHF_Official
Facebook – @headachefederation
LinkedIn – European Headache Federation EHF

Thank you for your time and hopefully you can share this information within your organization.

With kind regards,
Alo-Rainer Leheste
EHF social media manager