EHF is pleased to announce the programme for the Secondary Headaches School hosted by the Polish Headache Society here:

Target audience: neurologists, ENT specialists and general practitioners with special interest in headache.

16 CME points according to Polish regulations (recognized in EU)

Official language: English

Programme goals: After the course the participants should be able to:

  • recognize various clinical presentations of secondary headaches;
  • be familiar with ”red flags” and ”comfort signs” of secondary headaches;
  • develop diagnostic and treatment plans for helping patients with all aspects of secondary headaches.

Diploma: Sent via email after successful final test validation.

EHF provides grants according to the guidelines attached:

Up to 600 Euro per participant from the EHF member countries (registration and accommodation up to 3 nights). No more than 3 participants from each country.

Please apply according to these rules as indicated in the paper!

Application deadline is 1 October 2019.

EHF will select a) according to the rules, b) first come first serve.



Location: Warsaw, Poland