The Susan Haydon bursary

The Migraine Trust is delighted to announce the launch of our first Susan Haydon bursary. Created in honour of Susan Haydon, our former Information and Support Services Manager who died in 2019, we are offering a grant to support students and professionals with an interest in migraine.

Susan was an expert on migraine and dedicated to giving people accurate and evidence-based information about it. She was also a champion of other people developing a professional understanding of migraine that would enable them to help people with the condition. The bursary is a tribute to her commitment to helping people with migraine.

This will be an annual award as we want to support the development of migraine professionals. It builds on our biennial symposium, which you attended this year. Teaching sessions for migraine professionals are an important part of the symposium.

Who can apply for the bursary

The bursary will give up to £1,000 to someone who is studying for a Master’s degree or as part of their professional development. For those studying for a Master’s degree, they would have to undertake a dissertation on a migraine related topic. For those looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of migraine via Continuing Professional Development, the bursary can be used to attend an event, training course or study day.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2021. You can find out more about the bursary and how to apply here.